Xometry, Inc., is a leading worldwide marketplace linking enterprise-segment buyers with manufacturing service suppliers. It has confirmed an expansion of its global presence throughout Europe, courtesy of the launch of xometry.uk, which is a localized marketplace for customers in the United Kingdom (UK).

Xometry Europe to Scale up UK Presence

The company now provides marketplaces which are localized, and in nine languages. These include Spanish, Italian, French, German, English, Polish, Norwegian, Dutch, and Swedish. The marketplaces also make use of the company’s AI-based and proprietary Instant Quoting Engine, while enabling customers regionally to obtain purchase components and quotations directly and in local currency as well.

The UK marketplace will be providing production abilities for batches with higher volumes and prototypes as well. There are manufacturing technology types, which include 3D printing, CNC machining, injection molding, and several finishing choices, in addition to 120 materials as well. End part quality control is also taken care of by reports along with certifications. Xometry has already been confirmed as a partner of Nexa3D and DyeMansion along with Quickparts, which adds the XiP desktop and NXE Series systems for 3D printing to its global product line-up in the virtual marketplace.

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