Global imaging solutions leader Canon U.S.A. Inc has launched its imagePROGRAF GP Series. This is the first aqueous inkjet printer line-up in the world to offer fluorescent pink ink.

There is the imagePROGRAF GP-2000 24-inch model along with the imagePROGRAF GP-4000 44-inch model and also the imagePROGRAF GP-200 24-inch version along with the 36-inch GP-300 device.

The printer series churns out bright neon hues for better graphics and output which will naturally scale up opportunities for printing as per the brand.

Radiant Infusion is a novel technology from Canon which helps in layering fluorescent pink ink with other ink colors on the surface of the paper while printing, for enabling the creation of softer and brighter reproduction of color.

It thus becomes possible to print graphics in vibrant colours and this will naturally scale up the printing abilities of any business. The fluorescent pink ink will also be helpful in printing throughout particular zones like objects and text.

Users may also print totally with/without the ink. The inks in the GP Series can help in replicating colours that represent any corporate brand and those which are otherwise tough to replicate with regular inkjet printers. The Radiant Infusion technology is also a part of the Poster Artist Lite software.

Iain Pike, the Director, Licensing and Business Development, Pantone/X-Rite, stated that the imagePROGRAF GP Series has already garnered the very first PANTONE Calibrated license in the world for the PANTONE PASTELS & NEONS GUIDE Coated which contain the coveted pastel and fluorescent colours.

With two Pantone publications, Canon has also acquired the licensing for PANTONE Calibrated and this expands the colour specifications and choices while making sure that output-based results are in sync with the exact colour that is viewed by the designer in the Solid Coated Guide.

These devices enable consumers to replicate graphic posters, custom pop art and wall art which are suitable for younger populations.

Shinichi Yoshida, executive vice president and general manager at Canon U.S.A. Inc, stated that the brand feels proud at delivering upon its promise of offering innovative and new-age solutions that meet evolving demands of the industry while scaling up overall business potential for all customers.

These models come with a 10-colour and pigment based set of inks along with fluorescent pink.

The other options include violet, orange, green, red, matte black, cyan, black, yellow, magenta and gray. There is the Intelligent Media Handling feature which boosts functioning for these printers along with the optional Multifunctional Roll System.

The printers have a compact design along with ensuring Radiant Infusion support. Users can also use PosterArtist Lite. Other features include Device Management Console, Accounting Manager and Direct Print Plus.

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