E3D Online is a 3D printer component provider based in the United Kingdom and it has officially announced the new FDM 3D Printer HOTEND range launch, which is the RapidChange Revo at TCT 3Sixty. Revo nozzles are tailored for fast changing and are based upon the popular V6 HOTENDS at E3D Online. Users only have to unscrew the earlier HOTEND and put in a new one. The RapidChange Revo has the Revo Six and Revo Micro devices. The purpose of the launch is to enable greater innovation in the 3D printing space.

E3D has emphasized upon lowering overall weight and space with the latest product. The Revo Micro HOTEND will weigh about half of the E3D V6 and has less volume occupied in the printhead, lowering overall assembly mass to ensure swifter printing speeds. Crafted from brass with 300°C as the temperature, Revo nozzles will have four colour-coded sizes, i.e. 0.4mm, 0.25mm, 0.8mm and 0.6mm. Every variant of the nozzle has a silicone sock hue for quick identification.

The system ensures simple maintenance of printers and the assembly has the HeatBreak and nozzle alike. E3D will be strongly focusing on backward compatibility and upgradable attributes. The RapidChange Revo will have the same hot side, i.e. a Revo nozzle and HeaterCore. This will be interfacing with the cold side in the same manner, i.e. with the HeatBreak in the Hemera template. The Revo Micro offers a compact design although E3D V6 users may use the Revo Six as well. This will replace the E3D V6 HOTEND, helping any printer to efficiently use the quick-change system at Revo. The RapidChange Revo cold side has a fully open-source interface while customers can tailor their mounting systems for seamlessly fitting their 3D printers in turn. The company has also encouraged the creation of new mounts and heat-sinks for usage with the HeaterCore and Revo nozzles.

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