Ultimaker has confirmed that UK customers will be amongst the first ones to snap up its brand-new PVA Removal Station prior to the official launch. The post-processing station was shown at Ultimaker Showcase in October. It will be available for restricted pre-sales at outlets of Ireland’s reseller 3DGBIRE before launching in the global market in July. Ultimaker has stated that the product will greatly boost user experiences while facilitating seamless post-processing for higher mental peace.

The PVA Removal Station has been created for easy removal of the PVA-support material from components manufactured with the polymer extrusion-based 3D printers from Ultimaker. It is an entirely chemical-free procedure where water is used for the dissolution of support material in only a few hours. Water circulation takes place with a magnetic rotor that keeps changing direction very couple of minutes for removing the supports from cavities that are tougher to reach. The sped is roughly four times that of removal of supports with still water. The station ensures a cleaner workflow with limited intervention of operators and is also equipped with a divider and basket for keeping the prints in position and completely submerged at that.

CEO at Ultimaker, Jürgen von Hollen, the complete 3D printing platform, including the PVA Removal Station, will enable speeding up the overall prototyping and product development procedure, helping with fast, safe and effective PVA removal from complex geometries and designs. This helps teams to visualize faster approval procedures so that organisations may operate smoothly and in a smarter manner. Ultimaker completed 10 years of operations in 2021 and has been expanding its ecosystem for 3D printing with new software solutions, materials, and partnerships. The company also confirmed a collaboration with CASTOR which will have the CASTOR 3D printed-part screening software integrated with the Digital Factory platform at Ultimaker.



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