The Government division called Health Canada which tackles national health aspects, has issued its approval for the very first 3D-printed medical implant manufactured in the country. The 3D printed device is a customizable mandibular or lower jaw plate for usage in surgery for facial reconstruction, especially for patients who have oral cancer. It may also be used with surgical guides for drilling and cutting-linked operations.

It is called the Specifit 3D mandibular plate, and was created by the 3D Anatomical Construction Laboratory (LARA 3D) at Quebec City. LARA 3D comes under CRIQ (Investissement Quebec) which is an entity offering product development services for brand new enterprises. The development of this implant was also backed by the CHU de Quebec-Universite Laval, the university hospital, the manufacturer of orthopedic screws, Alkom Digital, and AP&C, the metal powder firm.

The launch of the LARA 3D laboratory happened late in 2020 and it received its ISO 13485 certification in April, 2021. This means that it is certified for manufacturing brand-new medical devices for end-usage healthcare-based applications. Those diagnosed with oral cancer often have to get a lower jaw portion removed. In such scenarios, mandibular reconstruction surgery helps in normalization of the facial contour below along with gaining more architectural support and enhancing relationships between teeth that are affected.

This process will ensure higher functionality with regard to chewing and speaking, vastly enhancing overall quality of life in the bargain. For enabling mandibular reconstruction surgery, one should get hold of a mandibular plate. The device will help in aligning and stabilizing multiple bone pieces which enter into any reconstruction surgery, while enabling the promotion of long-term bone fusion and healing likewise.

This device will enhance the quality of life for patients with personalized, guided and optimized surgery. It will also help in the development of a 3D medical equipment center of expertise in the future. The device is also customizable and the implant can be readily 3D-printed as per the patient’s anatomy. This will enhance success rates of surgeries while lowering both recovery timelines and surgery times alike.


Health Canada has approved its first Canadian-made 3D printed medical implant

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