The US Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) has come up with its own research-based collaboration with global digital document and print corporation Xerox. The partnership aims at exploring the overall potential for 3D printing while looking at how it can lead to a transformation of how deployed forces are supplied by the military. Based upon this agreement, the NPS has also installed the pioneering Xerox ElemX Liquid Metal 3D Printer at the university campus itself.

U.S Navy ties up with Xerox for 3D printing

ElemX is the name which has been provided for the Xerox metal 3D printing platform which has been shown at IMTS by Vader Systems. This was acquired in the year 2019 by Xerox. With the ElemX, NPS faculty staff members and students will be investigating additive manufacturing and how it can lead to new capabilities being developed for the Marine Corps and US Navy alike. The military supply chain is one of the most complex ones globally and NPS possesses a first-hand understanding of the challenges of manufacturers alongside as per the Xerox Chief Technology Officer, Naresh Shanker.

This collaboration will help NPS in pushing for higher adoption of 3D printing all throughout the US Navy. It will offer valuable data to Xerox for enabling delivery of flexibility in the supply chain while ensuring resilience for future customers. Xerox acquired Vader Systems in February, 2019, which is a liquid metal jet 3D printer maker. The new agreement will also look to explore ways that Xerox technology can provide on-demand 3D printing of metal components and other US military equipment likewise. NPS students will be examining unique approaches towards creation, design and prototyping of ElemX 3D printers along with expanding manufacturing abilities.

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