TC Transcontinental has officially confirmed relocation of ISM (in-store marketing) product printing operations from recently acquiring Holland & Crosby and Artisan Complete Limited to Transcontinental in Brampton. The aim here is driving stellar growth in the ISM market. The ISM Group already garners sizable revenues and will witness steady future growth with addition of another key retailer from Canada, infusing more than $20 million in new annual business. Transcontinental Brampton will be unveiling its Innovation Laboratory in summer for enabling product testing by customers on various kinds of shelves. The ISM Group takes care of design, conception and development of the entire outdoor and indoor signage range, furniture and fixtures for retail zones, displays and the same crafted from cardboard, paper, wood, metal or plastic.

Senior Vice President, In-Store Marketing and Direct Marketing, Marcel Courville, stated that integrating recent acquisitions at Brampton is a key milestone in the company’s journey towards growth. This enables solidification of overall leadership position while also enabling superior synergies between teams. With retailers building for an environment of normalcy through reinvestments after the pandemic, optimization of the in-store experience will be executed by TC Transcontinental for helping with creative and extensive ISM services and product offerings. 125+ employees have already been shifted to Transcontinental Brampton out of approximately 600 employees at ISM. Transcontinental Aurora, the biggest production facility at ISM, will continue backing the printing activities of the Group while the Transcontinental Calgary facility will get equipment for offering local services to Western Canada based customers. TC Transcontinental Printing-owned ISM Group will hence provide a network to customers comprising of three plants, enabling higher flexibility and swifter speed to market.

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