There is no shadow of a doubt that technology has considerably revolutionized the world. Hence, it can be conceded that we live in the modern world characterized by the implementation of tools that make everyday life effortless. Modern technology has paved the way for multi-functional devices like a printer which has effectively changed life in every spectrum. With the advent of modernization printer has changed the shape and became wireless and step ahead to a truly wireless future. If are wondering about How do i Connect my Epson Printer With my WiFi Network then you have certainly managed to land on the right article that cats light on that subject.

A few benefits of WIFI printer

Before delving into the thought of How do i Connect my Epson Printer With my WiFi Network it will be imperative for you to have an idea about how significant a wireless printer is. Choosing a new printer for your use can be pretty daunting, as there are so many models available in the market. Be that as it may, while you are selecting a printer, it must be kept in mind that the device has the ballistic capacity to cater to your needs. However, some printers truly have changed the notion of printing; such is the case of wireless printers, which has undoubtedly revolutionized various sectors regardless of the size. Below discussed are the few benefits of a wireless printer that you can consider.

Being wireless, they are tidier.

Unlike conventional machines, wireless printers do not keep plugging into your computer before you print. That is why they are so favored; moreover, being wireless is less of a hazard to deal with in the workplace. Hence it can be conceded that a wireless printer is conducive to a more precise workspace and definitely a step ahead to a truly wireless future.

It comes with fewer restrictions.

Using a wireless printer means you can connect as many devices with the printer, enabling the company, irrespective of the size, to cope with the needs during peak hours. Employing a wireless printer saves up money and bills and promotes a truly greener ambiance at the workplace.

Enables to print from any device

Perhaps the advantage of a wireless printer in any modern office is that it enables you to print from any device. The dynamism in performance helps you use a WIFI printer to use in any way possible and from any device. This effectively saves time by printing the document right from the phone if you have the phone handy.

Remote accessibility

Once you are done with the setup processes, you can print files and documents from your computer, laptop and mobile. Another substantial benefit of using a wireless printer is that you print anything if you have the driver installed on your devices that you are working with. The rapid advancements are shaping the world to a truly wireless future; wireless printers are just a step ahead of the future.

Ways to connect Epson printer with WIFI network

In the likely event you ever wonder about How do i Connect my Epson Printer With my WiFi Network, you will need to do a setup to run smoothly and conveniently. A guided step will help you configure viable ways to connect with your WIFI network. However, before you begin, make sure to check the below-mentioned things:

  • You know the name and password of your WIFI.
  • The Epson printer is set up with a wireless ethernet connection
  • That you have Epson iprint app drive downloaded on the device, you would like to work with.

Discussed below is step-wise guidance to configure your Epson printer with a WIFI network.

  • The first thing that you need to do is to turn on the printer
  • The next step would require you to press the home button of the printer.
  • You will require to toggle to the WIFI step up and then press OK.
  • You will need to press Ok until you see the selection; after that, select WIFI wizard and then press OK.
  • You will find your printer searching for a network; you will need to select the network name on the screen and then enter the network password.
  • Once you are done entering the password, you will need to press OK, and thus you are done connecting to the WIFI network successfully.

The conclusion Once you are done configuring the WIFI network, you can connect in as many directions as possible. However, you must make sure to download the Epson iprint add driver for a seamless performance.

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