Pantum has seen steady growth in sales of printers for the Indian market with the country unlocking gradually. Monthly sales figures have increased by a whopping 100% and multiple Wi-Fi printer models have been selling wonderfully in the market. Some have even sold out swiftly with their popularity growing sizably amidst the pandemic. The P2500W monochrome laser printer is one model in this category which is sized as similar as a mobile phone and the width is similar to regular A4 paper as well.

This is a compact printer model which requires very little space and can be easily installed courtesy the one-click installation feature offered by Pantum. Printing speed stands at 22 pages per minute (PPM) and monthly capacity stands at approximately 2,000 pages in all. It is suitable for home offices and presently, with 80% of the Indian population coming back to work, sales are witnessing a steady revival. Some people still continue working from home and with schools remaining closed, pupils continue to study at home as well. This printer model prints out schoolwork and work documents seamlessly while mobile printing attributes enable quick and highly convenient printing through smartphones.

Pantum witnesses boost in sales

The Wi-Fi model has quickly turned into a hot favorite for customers looking for quick print-outs of work linked documents. This can now be done directly via smartphones itself, enhancing overall convenience. The all-in-one multi-function M6502NW printer is another model that has been successfully sold out. It has attributes of scanning, printing and copying while being absolutely ideal for MSMEs. It can be connected through network, Wi-Fi and USB alike while the Wi-Fi function enables multiple people to link to the same printing device. This helps in saving costs and enhancing overall efficiency in a scenario when businesses are closely tracking expenditure. With printing and copying speed of 22 PPM, it offers monthly printing volumes up to 20,000 pages. Other features include mobile printing and one-step installation for ensuring a user-friendly experience. The India Sales Head at Pantum, Mr. Abhra, has stated that amidst the pandemic, lowering time spent outside the home will help safeguard not just ourselves but also our families. For adapting to this new lifestyle, printers enable executing multiple jobs at home itself, enabling more efficient completion and delivery of work along with assisting kids for their studies as well. It is much more affordable in the long run as compared to visiting printing shops.

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