The creator of the integrated carbon fiber and metal additive manufacturing platform named The Digital Forge, Markforged, has confirmed that it will be debuting its brand new composite 3D printer, named the FX20, at Formnext in November. The FX20 is expected to be the swiftest, largest and the most premier 3D printer ever built by Markforged.

Along with the cutting-edge materials and software, the FX20 will be completely transforming the Digital Forge into a new-generation manufacturing platform for additives, capable of printing out high-temperature thermoplastics reinforced with continual fiber with a button click. By printing out high-strength and highly accurate performance components, the FX20 will be catering to requirements of the most regulated and demanding industries including defense, aerospace, oil and gas and automotive.

The FX20 is a powerful machine which is representative of overall commitment towards ensuring innovative customer-based solutions with a view towards ensuring empowerment for building almost anything that is imagined. The integration of the FX20 to the Digital Forge will boost the company’s predominant position in the additive manufacturing segment through enabling the robust manufacturing of advanced and lightweight composite parts. With the fusion of software and hardware, customers may rely on Markforged for producing mission-vital end-use components needed for surpassing restrictions of conventional production. This will build a more sustainable and reliable supply chain extending towards the point of need as per the President and CEO at Markforged, Shai Terem. The FX20 is anticipated to be shipping globally in H1 2022. Previously in the month of June, Markforged integrated three vital additions for The Digital Forge platform with the Next Day Metal, Metal X Gen 2 and X7 Field Edition.

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