Lumi Industries is a prominent 3D printing player globally and with Formnext 2019 slated for the 19th-22nd of November, 2019, in Germany’s Frankfurt, the company will be showcasing its brand new Lumi³ or LumiCube which is a convenient 3D printer that will save time and costs greatly. The EFV (Easy FEP VAT) technology can be thermoformed and disposed easily, making things more convenient while unloading, loading and even cleaning.

There will be more time for design innovation by users since FEP film will not have to be changed. This will save time and the cover has been tailored for helping users supervise the entire process and platform for building. There is affordable post curing with the Hinged Mask for UV Transformation or HUT positioned over the UV array with a glass bottom. Parts are cured from all sides. There is a modular tray which enables easy removal of prints. There is a module enabling slight bending of the plate for part removal. There are different frameworks in place for materials of high viscosity which may stick. There is software and a 7-inch touch screen unit which offers extensive controls for users.

Lumi is planning to offer extra features soon including a camera for live or remote tracking. There are notifications in real-time, pre-loaded guides and video tutorials and diagnostics and reports on the printing process. There is a high-resolution LCD display along with the parallel UV setup and top-notch hardware in addition to the carbon active air and HEPA filter. The Precision THK linear motion system is another feather in the cap for Lumi Industries’ new offering.

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