How to Print Without Color Ink Cartridge HP

It often happens that you are in a hurry to complete printing your report, which needs to be submitted within the looming deadline staring you in your face and you run into a situation where you are unable to print in black or Gray scale. Your first reaction is ‘Oh damn, @#$%, only the other day I have replace the black ink cartridge and it is dry so soon’ or ‘It’s a new cartridge, maybe I haven’t fitted it properly in its slot’.


Print Without Color Ink Cartridge HP

Print Without Color Ink Cartridge HP

You are besieged with these thoughts and invariably open up the printer cover to access the black color ink cartridge, to find to your surprise that it is in almost new condition. The black ink level in the printer control panel also does not show low ink level. However, contrarily the panel indicates that the color ink cartridge has run out of ink. This leaves you wondering, whether you are required to replace the empty colour cartridge with new refill and resume black or Grey Scale printing, and an expensive paradoxical situation.

The Color HP Printers are designed in such a way that when the ink in any one of the color ink cartridges is exhausted, it does not allow you to print even in black or Grey Scale, despite the fact that there is black ink in the other cartridge. You need to change the color cartridges. This definitely is an expensive preposition, since the new cartridges cost a hell of an amount. Under such circumstances it leaves you wondering, How to print without color ink cartridge in HP printer?

Well that is the whole idea behind this write up. Let us understand the process, step-by-step how to print without color ink cartridge in HP printer by deceiving your HP printer to print in black or Gray Scale.

  • You are required to open the printer control panel on your computer and press the ‘menu’ button.
  • Thereafter, press the ‘<’ or ‘>’ button again to select the ‘Service’ setting and press the ‘Enter’ button.
  • Next again press the ‘<’ or ‘>’ button to select the ‘Restore Defaults’ menu and press ‘Enter’. (By doing so you will reset the HP printer to factory original settings).
  • After having reset the HP printer to factory settings, select the print menu on your document file on the computer>click on the ‘properties’ and thereafter click the ‘Color’ Tab.
  • Under the ‘Color’ Tab check the box under ‘Print in Grayscale’.

The computer will send a command to the printer to print using black ink and your dilemma, how to print without color ink cartridge in HP printer is solved for the moment. You are able to complete printing your report and comply with meeting the deadline. If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, call +1-929-227-3478 our experts.

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