Repair Epson xp 400 printer problem – One might encounter certain problems with Epson XP 400 and this mostly comes up in the Printer’s Ink Pads at the end of its service life. This mostly tends to appear as an error message and there is often an issue with the red light blinking.

Repair Epson xp 400 printer problem

In case of Epson printers, there is usually an internal Waste Ink Pad responsible for collecting all the wasted ink resulting from the cleaning process. When that reaches its highest level, the printer starts sending warning signals and stops functioning eventually. The Waste Ink Pads are basically sponge pads that soak up the ink, and that absorbs and collects the unused ink as well, that are in excess during the printing. Cleaning the print head also results in unused ink being dislodged and so the Waste Ink Pads have a function to help keep running the printer smoothly.

The Epson Printer Technical Support team has provided a list of steps that one can follow on their own if they want to get rid of the printer error on their own.

  • The Epson printer first has to be connected with a computer through a USB cable.
  • The printer should be given some time to heat up and then get to its ready state.
  • The required software should be reset as well.
  • The counters need to be checked next, and one should click on Read Waste Counters and then perform a thorough check of the page counters of the Epson printers. The Read Waste Counter icon will complete the process.
  • Next, one has to click the Reset key and then click on OK to reset the page counter later. Then, click on OK after the reset process has been completed.
  • The machine has to be turned off and then on again after clearing the Waste Ink Pad counter.

The Epson technicians are one of the best and they are ready to solve any problem with Epson machines 24*7. In case the issue is more complex, do give them a call and they will make sure that customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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