Most people who use Canon MP210 face certain minor problems from time to time, but they are as easy to solve and some minor troubleshooting takes care of most of them. One of the most common problems that almost all printers face from time to time is jammed paper. Apart from spilled or malfunctioning cartridges, this is the most common problem that one faces but the good news is that it can be solved just as easily.

Fix canon mp210 problem

The first thing to do in case of jammed paper is to pull it out by lifting the front or the top of the printer. If that does not budge, then one can restart the printer to eject the paper. In case the paper is stuck and it refuses to come out, or even rips, then one has to remove the cover and retry. Once all the visible paper has been removed, then one needs to check the paper sensor paths thoroughly for debris and for damage. One can also blow it out softly.

It is not only enough to remove the jammed paper, but one should also check whether the printer is going to work smoothly with the new paper or not. So one has to reload the paper according to the instruction and then print out a test page using the printer’s own software. In case the error continues, then one has to bring the printer to an authorized service center where they can fix the problem.

As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure and so these minor problems can be avoided by following a few steps. It is important to verify whether the printer paper is of good quality and does not fold easily. Paper of substandard material does have this problem and they tend to crinkle. Next, it important to keep the feed rollers clean and this can be done by cleaning them at regular intervals with a swab. All loose particles should be removed.

While checking the printer, push the Maintenance button repeatedly until the “B” appears. Next, one has to push on the Black or the Color button if one wants to run a standard paper through it. Once that is done, run three sheets of A4 paper and one has to set the paper thickness settings. The papers should then be horizontally positioned using the same steps.

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