If there is a mechanical malfunction of the brother printer, then the message ‘Print Unable 71′ will appear on the printer’s display unit. To reset the machine, use the power switch and turn off the machine. The Print Unable 71 error message has to do with the laser unit polygon motor. The polygon motor usually runs 20 to 40,000 RPMs depending on the machine.

Steps Detailing How to Fix the Brother Printer Error Code 71

It is also said that if the motor is unable to attain its operating speed in a set amount of time, the machine ends up displaying a “Print Unable 71” error message. For fixing the brother printer error 71, you can remove the motor from the bushing, clean it and then apply lubrication of a really lightweight machine oil. Otherwise, you will have to replace the unit. Generally, a laser unit is removed but when the motor is noisy or locked up, it is best to replace the same.

“Print Unable Error 71” message also occurs because there is no accurate speed being achieved in a set amount of time. The following steps help you know how to fix brother printer error code 71:

  • Check the firmware version to ensure that the brother machine is working on the correct settings. The latest firmware must be used by the machine.
  • Once the update is completed, then move to the next step.
  • Turn off the brother machine and then after 10-seconds, switch ON the power.
  • The Brother Printer machine can be powered off for four days without losing the faxes in the memory. If the date and time appear on the display, then the issue is resolved.
  • If the message is still showing up, then the machine requires service. If there are faxes in the memory, then the best option is to transfer it to another fax machine.
  • Print as per User settings by pressing MENU, Print reports, User settings, START.
  • Lastly, if the user settings are executed correctly, then the error will not repeat itself. This suggests that the issue has been solved.

When using the brother printer for personal use or for office purposes, you may come across errors. These are likely to be resolved with the above mentioned. If not, you can also take help from Brother Printer Support online.

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