There are instances of connection failures when you try to add or share a printer to Windows. The message displayed is ‘Windows cannot connect to the Printer’. Even after repeated restarts, you can get this frustrating message because of certain software issues. This is a common problem in Windows 10 and there are solutions to fix Windows Cannot Connect to The HP Printer. This happens because of the incompatibility of a print driver with the HP Printer Assistance software. In the case of wireless connections, the error occurs due to an ineffective Network Installation.

Windows Cannot Connect to The HP Printer

There are three ways to fix Windows Cannot Connect to The HP Printer:

  • Option 1: Restarting ‘Print Spooler Service’
  • Option 2: Creating a ‘New Local Port’
  • Option 3: Deleting the ‘Printer Drivers’

1) Restarting ‘Print Spooler Service’:

To restart the Print Spooler Service, you have to simultaneously click the windows key and R (Win+R). Once you click them, a dialogue box will pop out. There will be a blank space in the run box where you have to manually type ‘services.msc’. Click on OK after typing the command. Once it is done, you will see a dialogue box of ‘Name List’. Find the option of ‘service Print Spooler’ in the name list and double click on it. After double-clicking, you will find the option for a ‘stop button’ under ‘service status’. Quickly select the ‘start button’ to re-initiate the service status. Lastly, press on ‘OK’ and your HP Printer will be effective immediately.

2) Creating a ‘New Local Port’:

For this solution you have to first open Control Panel and locate the option for ‘Devices and hp Printer’. You have to then navigate the cursor to the top and click on ‘Add a Printer’. Use your administration login password to continue further. Next, go to the option of Bluetooth printer, wireless or add a network for the printer. Once you have selected the relevant option, click on ‘Create a new port’ and replace the ‘type of port’ with ‘local port’ option. Press the Next button and type the port name of the printer (the address of the printer). Tap on ‘OK’ and move on to enter the model of the printer. Press on the Next button and carry out the on-screen commands to add the HP Printer. This will fix Windows Cannot Connect to The HP Printer:

3) Deleting the ‘Printer Drivers’:

Simultaneously click the windows key and R (Win+R) and enter printmanagement.msc in the dialogue box. Next, press OK and select the option ‘all drivers’ (left panel). Now press delete after you have opened the printer driver (right panel). Remove one/multiple printer drivers and re-add the printer

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