Ricoh is one of the most reliable and genuine brands when it comes to printers. It has been manufacturing high-quality printers at reasonable rates equipped with an incredible user experience. However, many time printers can succumb to specific errors and glitches which can be quickly resolved.

So, if you are searching for an article on How To Fix Ricoh Aficio SP 3510dn Printer Error, then this is for you!

Ricoh photocopier or printers error codes can be separated into three levels namely A, B, and C. The “A” level codes have elevated risk and involve the fusing unit problems, and therefore the machine operation is disabled. Such an error can be repaired only by a service engineer. One or more specific reasons cause the B level errors. The machine functions as usual, excluding the related units. Now, the C level errors do not affect machine operation unless to showcase a caution on the control panel. Error levels can be seen in service manuals under the “troubleshooting” section.  SC 542 is the most common printer errors in Ricoh products

During error SC 542 the machine is coveying you that the fuser did not reach its object temperature in a specified amount of time. In usual circumstances, this code will appear if the thermistor is not maintained or replaced periodically or in the unusual situation the heat lamp blew. This is known as a  Service Tech reset code. Once the error is understood, the printer is toast until you manually clear the error from the keypad. Even though the printer is physically excellent, it won’t come ready until the previous error condition is removed.

Steps to prevent Error code SC542:

  1. Under no circumstances start the machine if your office is far below room temperature required for the device.
  2. Maintain the thermistor properly.

How to fix Ricoh Aficio sp 3510dn printer error:

  • Press and hold online plus escape, then turn the power on.
  • Utilize up and down arrow keys to select SP2
  • Press Enter
  • Use up and down the error to locate the SP5
  • After this, Press Enter
  • Utilize up and down arrow keys to choose 810
  • Press Enter again
  • Now, confirm the selection
  • Power off and on.
  • The error code is now cleared.

Alternate step, if the first one doesn’t work:

  1. Mode (Yellow Button)
  2. 107
  3. Press STOP Button for 3 seconds (RED Button)
  4. Copy Sp
  5. 5810#
  6. Execute it
  7. Turn the power off
  8. Turn the power On

These quick fixes are easy to understand and execute. However, one can still have issues or maybe discover a new error. In case the problem persists about How To Fix Ricoh Aficio SP 3510dn Printer Error, speak with a trusted representative of the said brand or the manufacturer to tackle in the issue professionally and get immediate results.

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