Epson is a globally acknowledged popular brand manufacturing diverse printers from Inkjet to LaserJet and the recently popular wireless printers of various shapes, size, configurations, etc. Epson so far has achieved the goodwill of connecting to all systems supporting diverse OS and configuration for an excellent printing experience. But at times, users come up with interruptions in their printing paradise. The error codes are mainly responsible for creating hassles in using the printers. The issue can arise in any printer be it Injet or wireless. If you come across a similar issue, you can easily opt for the tech support of Epson or can look forward to learning how to fix Epson printer error codes?

Here we’re about to share some useful steps that you can follow like every other Epson printer user to resolve any coding error—

First, you should know about the major coded errors shown blinking on the printer head of the Epson printers. Learn about the causes of such issues and the probable solutions to fix them.

Error code 0xf1

A corrupted registry is the main cause of this error. Whenever you see this message blinking on your printer head, know that the printer is failing to read the information.


Turn OFF the power of the printer and unplug it for at least 5 minutes. Again connect the plug with the wall outlet and turn ON the printer. The issue will be fixed.

You can try installing a good antivirus. Often the malware attack is responsible for the formation of such error. Scan the computer and let the antivirus detect the malware or adware caused by the 0xF1 error.

Error code 0x97

This error is mainly caused by the hardware issues.


You must try the power cycle method by turning OFF the printer>unplugging it> wait for some time> then again plug-in and turn ON the printer.

If the error is still visible, you should disassemble the printer and start cleaning it. Dust often causes similar shortfalls.

Error Code 000031

This error is caused by the scanner and a common error found in most all-in-one printers of Epson.


First, you should remove the ink cartridges and reinstall it properly. Make sure that you have placed the cartridges properly. You can check out some videos or follow the user manual if you haven’t done it before.

Sometimes, improper setup at the very beginning is primarily responsible for the occurrence of the issue. Whenever you face the error, reconfigure the Epson printer to default. The error will be fixed by doing so.

Error Code 0x69

The presence of foreign bodies inside the printers is responsible for this error. To eradicate this hardware issue follow the solutions.


First, carefully open the lid of the printer and check if any tape or piece of paper is creating the obstruction.

Remove the cartridges, and reinstall them once again.

Finally, try the power-cycle process to fix the issue.

So, this is how you can fix errors in the Epson printers.

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