OxEA is known to be a common error in most Epson printers. Expert tech professionals from Epson have come to a conclusion that the error is mainly caused when any of the packaging material such as tapes or plastic wraps get stuck into the carriage caddy. Another big issue is the improper installation of the cartridges. Always make sure that you have placed the cartridges properly inside the printer for smooth printing. A recent study on the Epson printer errors found that in comparison to the older models, the new printers are facing more OxEA errors. Generally, the issue occurs during the time of the first setup. Improper configuration and wrong installations of the cartridges are mainly responsible for the OxEA error. But there are effective ways to fix the error. If you’re wondering how to fix Epson printer error OxEA, we have a list of suggestions. Before you visit a local Epson Service center or call up a technician, try these steps to resolve the issue on your own—

Step 1: Open the printer and check inside

The moment you come across the notification of the OxEA error on your Epson printer, turn it OFF and check inside the printer. Find out if any piece of tape or wrapping plastic is kept inside. It’s a common issue caused when installing cartridges. Even a small portion of the tape, a small piece of paper, or plastic wrap is left on the cartridge bars the printer to run smoothly and show the Epson printer error OxEA.

Step 2: Check the configuration of the cartridges

Along with checking the foreign bodies such as tapes, etc. stuck inside the cartridge, check whether they are placed properly inside the printers or not.

Step 3: Turn OFF the Printer and reset the cartridges

Even after checking the cartridges, if the error still shows, then you have to reset the cartridges. But before that, turn OFF the printer.

Step 4: Take out the cartridges and check

Now, take out the cartridges from the printer and check. Make sure that the bodies of the cartridges are clean and no sign any tape or paper is there before you again reinstall them inside the printer.

Make sure that you have placed the cartridges properly before initiating to turn ON the printer.

Step 5: Take the help of the user manual

Even after following the given guidelines, if you find that the error still persists, then follow the user manual of the printers given by Epson during the time of purchase.

According to the expert Epson printer technician, it can become difficult to follow the manual and instead of troubleshooting the error, users can buy a PC Repair Tool software to fix Epson printer error OxEA and other errors hampering the use of the printers. The software solution has helped many users so far with proven results.

Therefore, you can download the 0xEA Repair Tool for Epson error and scan the entire system to fix the identified errors in your Epson Printer.

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