Wondering how to fix Canon Pixma MX922 error code C000? Well, this error code is usually displayed on the control panel screen of the printer in question. There may be several reasons behind the displaying of this error code. These may include partial or unsuitable removal of any packing materials or even improper seating of the ink tank. Another reason could be a possible obstruction placed in the path for paper feeding.

Here’s what you can do in this regard :

  • Make sure that you remove all of the packing material that may be there.
  • Reseat all the ink tanks carefully.
  • Make sure that you carefully remove any paper that is jammed or any such obstructions in the path for paper feeding.
  • In case nothing works from the above mentioned steps, make sure that you turn off the printer and remove the power cord first. Thereafter, reconnect the power cord and again turn on the printer. This may solve the problem.

Some other information on how to fix Canon Pixma MX922 error code C000

This issue, as per experts, usually occurs whenever there is any variation of the paper size in comparison to the paper that is kept in the tray. You should always check your printer settings for finding out possible issues with the connection and also take out all additional pages from the tray. You can re-insert the pages which are suitably sized and then choose the OK option. You should also check for proper placement of the ink tank in this regard and restart your printer which may solve the issue altogether as per several experts.

You can always reach out to HP support in case you cannot fix the issue by following the above steps. You can always try and shift the ink tank closer to yourself as much as possible. Push gently downwards and move closer. However, if there is any sort of obstruction, do not try to move the ink tank any closer. You can also open the front cover of the printer and then open and shut the lock lever for the printhead. Make sure that the printhead is not removed in this case. Sometimes, this may be a minor fix to the problem. These steps are expected to help you solve the problem all by yourself. If not, then you can always contact customer support for more clarifications.

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