Across the globe, Epson has successfully established a reliable client base by offering diverse printing solutions. Their devices are designed with all the modern features that today’s users always look forward too. Their much appreciated all-in-one products are brought by many offices where the wireless connectivity with multiple computers with only one printer has reduced the cost of the enterprises.

Learn How to clean Epson printer rollers without tension

But in the midst of all good, some users come across with some specific errors whether in the form of codes or messages. A common problem that is associated with the Epson printers is getting faint or incomplete prints. You might also see streaks of lines running all across the page during the print. This happens because your printer has a clogged nozzle. It is impossible to avoid this situation since a small amount of ink is left over from the printing on the nozzle.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on How to clean Epson printer rollers: –

First and foremost, switch off your printer. You don’t want any current flowing in the device for further steps.

Take either a soft cloth or a paper towel that you can use to clean the printer heads. Make sure that whatever you are using is not harsh to avoid damage to the printer rollers.

Open your printer and look for a roller made up of rubber. This roller is responsible for transporting paper from the paper feed. This area is where the printer head runs along the length of the paper while printing.

Wet the paper towel or the cloth with distilled water. Put this paper towel or the fabric on the roller. Move the printhead assembly over the fabric and let it rest for a few minutes.

After 5-10 minutes, you will notice that the dried ink on the printer rollers is becoming wet again. This wet ink will then attach on the cloth or the paper towel.

Remove the cloth or paper towel and replace it with a new one and fresh distilled water. Repeat the process above until you can see different colors on the cloth.

Once you have cleaned it, you have to reassemble everything. After you reassemble, plug your printer into the power port and switch it on.

Print a few pages to test and make sure that the printer rollers are adequately cleaned.

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