Imagine the scenario when you have wrapped the final part of your school project that’s due the next day and you just finished typing the final sentence. The only thing that remains is printing the papers and binding and submitting. You just have hit control P, choose the required option and hit OK, and waiting for the printer to do its work. But then, oops! a window pops up that states ” Unable to print- replace the cartridge “How disappointing the situation is? What should you do? Replace the cartridge, but if there is no new cartridge and buying a new one needs a lot of time, which you do not have. You are running out of time and you are not getting any solution on how to complete the work which is due tomorrow.

Well! Don’t begin to hyperventilate and pull out your hair, there is a solution to this. If you are using an Epson printer ink, there is a fast and simple solution to print using the remaining colour inks. If the colour ink is expended and black colour is there, then you can continue printing for a short period of time by using the black ink. But it is recommended to replace the old cartridge with a new one as soon as possible.

The stepwise solution for your question on how can I get my Epson printer to print without replacing the colour.

Even if there is very less black colour ink in your Epson printer, still all the remnants colour can together form a black colour for printing. Wondering how?

Follow the below instruction:

  • In the control panel, go to Printers and devices
  • Choose printer and right click on it to open the drop-down option
  • Select properties and click” colour” option.
  • As black colour is finished, select “colour” options and select “Apply”
  • This is one quick method to print instantly when your printer is running out of colour.

If you have windows, then go through the following options:

  • Stop the printing process
  • Navigate to Printer and devices option. Choose printer
  • Click on “Quality option” and choose plain paper as type setting.
  • Then select “Grayscale” in the Print option. This will limit your print option to monochrome only. There click “OK”.
  • In your monitor, a monochrome setting indicator will flash.
  • Then run Print.


If you are using a MAC, then you have to follow below instruction for making your Epson printer to print without even replacing the colour.

  • Stop the ongoing printing process.
  • Go to “Epson Printer Utility” for opening the dialogue box.
  • Select driver settings. Click “Permit temporary clack printing” box.
  • Now navigate to Print settings. Select plain papers for media type settings.
  • Choose Grayscale and select OK.
  • Run print.

Thus, by this way you can easily print even if there is no ink. You can continue printing in monochrome till the replacement arrives.

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