Canon has been a big brand name for decades now and for all the right reasons. They have made a mark in the electronic industry by providing a variety of top quality products. Recently they have introduced their newest product, the Canon Pixma Mg3100 printer.

Given the ease of use and convenience a printer provides, it has quickly become an important part of your home machine. However, setting one up can be quite a tricky task. There are several things you need to keep in mind to effectively use a printer with your MAC computer. If you are confused about how to Setup Canon Mg3100 Printer Wireless to MAC, thisarticle is for you.

What is the easiest way to set up Canon MG3100 wirelessly?

Canon Pixma MG3100 has made it rather simple and convenient to connect your printer wirelessly. Nevertheless, before starting make sure that you have a Wi-Fi router and a stable connection. You can find several access points, often known as hubs and routers that feature a button Labelled ‘WPS’ and that is all you need. Short for Wi-Fi Protected Setup, this automatic connection button further allows all your permitted devices to connect to a certain network without having to put in a password. While this is the easiest method to connect your Canon Pixma printer, there are some steps you need to follow to understand how to Setup Canon Mg3100 Printer Wireless to MAC.

WPS Connection Method

Before getting on with the process of setting your Canon printer, there are some preliminary steps you must keep in mind.

Firstly, the access point needs to have a physical WPS push button. You can check the device’s user manual to check for such details. If such a button is not present, you will have to rely on the conventional method of connecting the printer through USB connection.

Secondly the network must be running on either a WPA or WPA2 security settings. Majority of the WPS permitted access points use this.

Once you have ensured that these conditions are met, you can start with how to Setup Canon Mg3100 Printer Wireless to MAC.

  • Step 1:

First and foremost, turn your printer on. When the LED monitor on the printer is lit and says ‘1’, the power is on.

After that, press and hold the maintenance button for about 5 secondson the printer.

With that, you will see the LED monitor flashing.

  • Step 2:

The second step is a bit more intricate and should be paid more attention to. You need to start by pressing the ‘Fit to Page’ button, after which the Led will start flashing once again.

After you see it flashing, press the ‘WPS’ button on the access point before 2 minutes. on doing that, the blue lamp meant to show Wi-Fi  settings on the printer will start flashing. This denotes that the printer is ether searching for a stable network or is connecting to it.

With that, your printer is connected to the wireless connection. Once completed the LED monitor on the printer will light up for approximately 3 seconds, after which it changes to ‘1’ like before. You should also make sure that the printer’s Wi-Fi lamp is lit as well.

Common errors

Sometimes, due to a tiny mistake, there can be certain errors. This is usually shown on the printer by alternately flashing the letter ‘E’ followed by a specific number. If you are stuck in a situation like that, press the back button and try repeating steps 1 and 2 from the beginning.

If it is still not fixed, contact your service provider for assistance or get the manual. The most common errors witnesses are E, 2, 1 and E, 2, 3. While the former is essentially shown if the wireless connection was not setup within 2 minutes of pressing the WPS button, the latter signifies that several WPS access points have been detected.

In conclusion Setting up your printer wirelessly can be seamless if you follow these few steps. However, before starting the process, make sure you thoroughly read the user manuals of both the printer and the wireless connection. This will further make it easier for you to recognize the buttons and errors, if any.

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