Are you looking Epson Printer Offline How to Turn Online ? One of the most frequent problems faced by printer users is seeing their computer not recognizing that the printer is online when on the other hand the printer is on and is ready for printing. Mostly this occurs because of the communication problem between your printer and your PC. Don’t worry the problem is very simple like a cable becoming loses at one end or paper jam in the printer. But if a printer is showing “offline”, then it is a problem with your printer driver and is quite difficult to fix as well.


Nobody wants an Epson printer status showing as offline on their PC and expect a productive printing need. Reason can be either wrong configurations in the printer or bugs in the printer software. No matter what is the reason you have to follow certain steps to solve your printer issue and turn it back to online status.

Know how to turn an offline printer online again

By following certain simple steps, you will find your printer working perfectly fine. However, you are required to remove all your printer’s driver and software along with cables. You may get tempted to skip the initial steps thinking that all cables are well connected but if you will not skip it will assist you in saving a lot of time in the long run. After accomplishing each step, check whether your printer is showing online or offline.

Physical checking

  • Make sure that the ends of the USB cable are perfectly inserted. If your Epson printer is networked, then check whether or not the Ethernet cable is inserted properly.
  • Try to insert the cable in all available ports in your PC/laptop.
  • If you are using a different USB A-B cable, then try this cable in conjunction with your printer and computer.

Try to set your printer manually

  • If by physical checks your problem is not solved, then try setting your printer manually.
  • At first click on the “Start” icon present on the bottom left part of your screen, then select control panel and then devices and printers.
  • Right-click the printer in question and choose “see what’s printing”
  • A window pops up, select Printer from the pop-up bar.
  • Now choose “use printer online” from the menu.
  • Try to remove all pending print jobs
  • In the “See what’s printing” option, select “cancel” if any printing task is present.
  • When the printing task is removed choose “use printer online”.
  • If any printing job is not removed, then try restarting your PC and printer.

Removing everything and reinstalling the printer

  • In the control panel, right click on the printer option in “Devices and Printers” and choose “Remove Printers”.
  • Now try adding the printer again by choosing “Add a printer” in devices and printers

By now your printer might be showing online and printing. But in the other hand if it is still showing offline, then there might be some issue in the printer electronically and the best option is to contact the printer manufacturer or the technician.

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