A family-operated Basingstoke printing business is doing its bit to raise funding for a charity for children through a novel gesture. It is selling a uniquely crafted sketch of the Queen reuniting with Prince Philip, created by artist Kerri Cunningham. The sketch has already gone viral across social media platforms and is being sold by branding and promotional merchandise entity THEMPC which is based out of Whitney Road at Basingstoke.

The sales proceeds will be contributed to the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children), and is titled as Hello again Lilibet. Kerri Cunningham is based near Preston in Lancashire and mostly works on sketches and poems under the pen name of Murphys Sketches. She created this sketch after jogging her memories to an earlier photograph that released at the time of Prince Philip’s death, showing them out on a picnic.

She stated that these were people who loved each other and when it was clear that the Queen was in critical condition with almost no chances of survival, she imagined them both in that same setting again, sharing her creation on Instagram as a major tribute. However, it then became viral and people kept asking about buying the same. A family member stated how the Queen had patronized the NSPCC till she was 90 years of age. Since the artist and her husband have three little children, they felt it was only apt to raise funds for such a cause.

THEMPC helped her with the printing of the sketch and they got more than 1,100 orders within only 48 hours of starting the project. The sketch was made with coloured pencils and a black pen and shows the backs of the royals with a corgi. Prince Philip has his arm wrapped around the monarch in the sketch. Another sketch is also available for sale, where the Queen is seen with two rainbows and a corgi.

Source : www.basingstokegazette.co.uk/news/21826453.basingstoke-printer-helps-raise-money-charity-selling-sketch-queen/

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