Platinum Print is the first company in the United Kingdom (UK) to execute the installation of the HP Indigo 12000 digital press. This comes with the 15K Value Pack as it seeks to scale up its digital abilities for widening the customer offerings and also taking up newer work types. The family-run entity which is based in Harrogate, Yorkshire, has recently taken delivery of this 7-color B2 device in the month of January. Training has been finished on the site over the next couple of months.

The Managing Director at Platinum Print, David Wyvill, stated that the company has operated its HP wide-format equipment earlier although this is the very first HP Indigo machine. The device was selected post reviewing various options from a vast range of digital vendors. Owing to the COVID-19 scenario in 2020, the company executed large-scale mailings for multiple local councils which are linked to COVID as per David Wyvill.

He talked of how the scenario was quieter owing to the comprehensive majority of work that was done for marketers and marketing activity remaining somewhat muted. He also talked of exhibition work being done on the side of large-formats which has naturally been tranquil. Wyvill also stated that from the beginning of 2021, the company has been comparatively busier while backing up to 75-80% of overall turnover where they were down to roughly 40% earlier. What the Indigo machine is doing is scaling up efficiency and lowering work timelines faster as compared to current digital or litho machines according to him.

Wyvill also stated that the additional software products from HP Indigo including PrintOS will slowly be a vital part of the transition process at Platinum towards a digital print set-up. This will enable more automation and hands-on operations as and when required. Platinum Print has also claimed towards valuing the HP machine’s carbon neutral manufacturing capabilities along with lower production waste and greater energy efficiency. This will enable any business to meet the sustainability blueprint without compromises in quality or speed.

As per HP, the 15K Value Pack helps in upgrading abilities of the 12000 for enabling a boost towards profitability and productivity alike, driven by AI-based efficiencies and high-value and multi-substance short-run production cycles. Wyvill has stated that increase in substrate weight will enable the press to tackle newer packaging-based applications. The company will be shifting a majority of its current production towards the Indigo 12000 from its three Ricoh digital printers. The latter will continue being used for production of small-format A3 and A4 tasks for hybrid mailing divisions. Some work will be shifted to the Indigo from the two B2 Komori printing presses.

The new press has been installed as the 465 square meter unit which is next to the main premises of 2,323 square meters. The company owns both these spaces although the smaller area was leased out till last year when its tenant shifted out. Wyvill stated that the company required the additional space for its expansion purposes. It has put in roughly £1 million for the HP Indigo and in revamping the new printing unit. Digital finishing tools like the folder, bookletmaker, guillotine and laminator have been shifted into the new space adjacent to the main printer. The main premises come with the Agfa Jeti Tauro H2500 LED printer installed a year earlier. This has the Oce Arizona flatbed with several finishing tools and other specialist mailing tools such as inkjet printers and inserting machines. There are 38 staff members and the pre-COVID turnover of the company stood at £5 million. It has now recovered to around £4 million. The company caters to numerous clients including the NHS along with leading brands such as Seabrook crisps, Haribo, Slingsby’s Gin and Cloud Nine.

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