In some cases, the Brother printer might show that it is offline or paused, even though all the switches are properly pressed. It is however, a minor issue, and can be resolved in a number of ways.


  • The first step is to ensure that the Brother machine is powered and there are no errors in it. So, if the screen of the Brother machine, which is the LCD, is blank, then the machine might not be powered. It could also be in the sleep mode and one has to wake it up. If it still does not wakeup, then make sure that it is plugged into a working socket. Opt for Troubleshoot options if the issue is not resolved.
  • At other times, the LCD might show specific error messages, like the Paper Jam or the Ink Jet Toner Empty. Then follow the Brother instructions and follow unjam the paper or refill the empty toner.
  • On the other hand, if you are using a USB cable, make sure that the cable is connected to both the printer and the computer and in case of using an Ethernet cable, make sure that the cable is connected to the printer as well as the router access point.
  • One needs to check the network configuration page to check if the IP address is correct. In case of a wireless connection, make sure to print the network configuration page and check the IP address.
  • Another thing to check is that the Brother machine should be set as the default printer. To do that, open the printer folder, and make sure that the Brother machine icon is checked.
  • Another step to try is to delete all the print jobs from the Devices and the Printer Window. To do so, one has to right click the icon for the Brother machine, and then go to See what’s Printing. Next, go to Printer, and then to Cancel All Documents.
  • One also needs to check if the Printer Status in the Devices and brother printer offline windows or online. One must also check of a copy of the Brother’s machine icon is listed in the Devices and Printers.
  • Moreover, a copy of the printer with the same printer name might be created if one connects the Brother machine into a different USB port on the computer, or if the same printer driver had been installed multiple times. As a result, there could be have been copied made unwittingly and the original might not be correctly functioning. Hence, it would be a good idea to select a printer driver that works properly. In case not fix brother printer offline windows problem so contact help desk support number and fix problem.

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