Connecting brother hl 2270dw printer to wifi is fairly simple. If one has a WLAN access point or router that supports WPS or AOSS, also known as AirStation One- Touch Secure System, then the Brother machine can be easily connected to the wireless network.

To use Wifi Protected Set Up or WPS, one should confirm the whether the WLAN has a WPS access.

  • To configure wireless settings, one should place the Brother machine within range of the WPS or the AOSS access point/ router. The range however, might change, depending on the environment.
  • Next, one has to make sure that the wireless cord is plugged in, and then the machine should be switched on till it is Ready.
  • Next, one should hold down the WPS or AOSS button on your WLAN access pointer or router for a few seconds. The time of holding down the button would depend on the WLAN access point.
  • The wireless setup button then has to be located at the back of the machine and pressed down for less than 2 seconds. A pointy object, like a ball point pen should be used to press the button.
  • Note: It is important to remember that the button should not be pressed down for more than 3 seconds, or it will change to the PIN method of the Wifi Protected Setup Mode.
  • If all goes well, the machine will search for an WLAN access point/ router that will support the Wifi Protected Set Up. All this while, the Toner LED and the Drum LED would keep blinking.
  • One has to wait till the Ready LED of the machine comes on and indicated that the machine is connected. The Ready LED will turn on for 5 minutes indicating that the machine has been successfully connected to Wifi.
  • It is important to note that if the Ready LED is not flashing, then the printer has not connected to the WLAN router. One should look for any errors codes flashed by the machine.

Additionally, one can proceed to install the printer driver for network connection if that has not been correctly installed. Even if one is printing with the help of a USB connection, one still needs to install the printer driver for network connection.

To do so, one has to switch on the computer and ensure that they are logged in with Administrator rights.

The installation CD ROM has to be inserted and then the driver should be downloaded and installed according to the instructions.

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