Kumovis, the German startup, which created the R1 3D printer, majorly for medical applications while possessing a portfolio comprising of medical-grade polymers, has opened its new U.S. subsidiary. Kumovis Inc is this entity which will develop business relationships with partner entities in the North American market, including the U.S. This is where installations are already taking place for the company’s signature 3D printing devices as per reports. The startup is based in Munich and was created out of the Technical University of Munich in 2017.

It unveiled its R1 Series 3D printers back in 2019 and the R1 is based upon fused deposition modeling, enabling med-tech entities and hospitals to produce products in a more efficient way while minimizing resource wastage. Kumovis states that its procedure is more time and cost effective as compared to injection molding or milling for producing patient-specific medical items and devices in tandem with small-series items. Kumovis expanded its medical-grade polymers range last year, which includes PEEK reinforced with carbon fiber or PEEK CF and PPSU mixed with barium sulfate, i.e. PPSU + BaSO4 for enhanced X-Ray visibility along with PEI and resorbable polymers PLLA, PCL, PLGA and PDO. The medical 3D printing is expected to touch $5.1 billion by the year 2026 although CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) is anticipated to touch 16.3% between 2021-26 as per latest reports. Kumovis has cited spinal fusion devices, cranial implants and medical instruments as major applications for its devices. It is already working with Philadelphia-based Drexel University, that is using a precursor device to its R1 Series for promoting 3D printing in U.S. healthcare systems beyond the making of surgical and anatomical instruments.

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