The FlashForge Creator 4 3D printer has successfully created its own market in the commercial segment, being the best-performing option in the line-up. The IIDEX FFF device helps cater to needs of manufacturing, engineering, design and other companies looking for specific solutions and prototyping. The company has already stated that the latest printer model has already been embraced whole-heartedly in segments like healthcare, consumer products, manufacturing tools, electronic and more.

The shift is perceptible, since the previous target segments for the company were the education and consumer verticals. The two models of the printer are the Creator 4-S and 4-A, each getting distinct material abilities and extruders. The printer from FlashForge was developed with a view towards ensuring higher productivity and gets a 400 x 350 x 500 mm build volume and sufficient space for small and large production volumes. Unlike the conventional dual-extrusion system, the device enables usage of two printheads simultaneously, doubling overall potential and output. The device also gets an exclusive build chamber with heating capabilities up to 65℃. This goes a long way towards preventing the contraction or warping of printer components while being useful for those filaments which require warmer climates.

FlashForge has emphasized on overall solidity with the stainless steel material and brand new S-Control motion setup. This ensures superior printing quality while there are linear-rail leadscrews for the Y and X axes, enhancing overall motion-stability greatly as well. The printer also has its own filament management mechanism which ensures automatic temperature control, based on the material that is used. Added features include the HEPA 13 active carbon air filter for safe usage indoors, a front 7 inch touch screen and in-built camera for remote tracking.

The Creator 4-A gets a couple of extruder-HT printheads and a high printing speed of 200 mm/s. This is ideal for filaments such as PA, PC and PP. There is also the 4-S version which gets two extruder printheads with higher nozzle temperatures of 360°C. The standalone third print-head is called the Extruder-F which offers 100 mm/s in terms of printing speed. It is specially tailored for TPE and TPU among other flexible filaments.

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