A printer is showing an error during printing work; it is so tough to handle. It takes away your precious time. You have so many prints to do, and suddenly the error code 306 is running all your good effort.

You must take the initial step on your own and perform the test and trial method to fix the error on the printer machine. But there is always an option of a technician if you want to avail if you do not fix the issue even after following the steps and tips.

To know How to FIX Canon printer error code 306, you do not have any technical knowledge. It would help if you needed a little more effort to study the error and then fix the solution in one go. It helps you continue your printing work without any hustle.

What is the main reason for the error?

The main reason for the error is the lack of communication with the machine. The set-up, plug-in, and installation of the system are the three basic steps that make printer communication easy. So, when the canon printer shows the message, there is some gap in the printer communication.

The reason for the error code is simple and if you observe it nicely, you do not have to spend too much time fixing the issue. It gives you a better reason to take immediate steps and keeps the canon printer safe and sound working.

How To Fix the Error?

Click on the Icon

At first, there is an Apple Icon that you will see on the screen on the left-hand side. Now, you have to click on that icon to move to the next step smoothly.

Choose Preference

Then, you have to go to the next step, which says System Preferences, and one has to click on it. The choice of preference helps you move to the next step.

Fax and Print

Then, you have to click on the option which says Print and Fax. The option opens the door of the final step that you must click and get to what you have to do at last.

Final Step

In the left bottom, if you see that the padlock is closed, then it is locked. You must click on it, and then you have to give the password and then click on the option OK. Now, you have to click on the “-” button so you can remove the canon printer. Then, you must click on the “+” button so you can add the canon printer again and set it on the default option. These are the steps on How to FIX Canon printer error code 306.

Still, if you see that you cannot fix the communication gap of the printer, then there is always a helping hand for you. You must not fear hiring the service so you can fix the issue soon. No one is more expert in fixing the canon printer error than an actual printer technician expert.


The users do not give value to the error code, and hence it can trigger some big problems like blue screen, warming the printers, the printing cartridge issue, and many more. So, it would help if you did not take too much time to know How to FIX Canon printer error code 306. The fast you address the issue, the less you will have major problems. If you see any error as such, it is advisable that you take immediate action, and you are good to use the printer once again. After all, printing job is all about printer machine.

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