Are you trying to connect the Epson printer and iOS device? Before you do so, it is necessary to check whether both the devices are connected to the same network connection. Without establishing a connection on wireless service, you may not be able to establish the wifi connection to make both works.

Trying printer Wifi setup with Iphone 

  1. Open up the Epson iPrint application
  2. Now, tap on the ‘printer is not selected’ and tap on it to select
  3. After this, tap on the Wifi direct setup option
  4. Now, if your printer has an LCD screen, you can tap on it
  5. If you don’t have a touchscreen, click on the option manually
  6. Now, continue to follow steps that pop up on the screen to complete the wifi connection setup

By this, you can print from the Epson iPrint via your iPhone device. A single wrong step may hinder the printing procedure and obstruct it. This is what you need to follow for Epson Printer Wifi Setup for Mac & Iphonedevices.

Try to connect a printer on the network connection

  1. First, open the Epson iPrint application
  2. Tap the printer option if it is not selected from the drop-down
  3. You have to tap the printer option from the local tab
  4. You can also add the printer using the current network and so tap on the manual IP tab
  5. Now, click on add and enter the IP address to search the printer and then click on done

The setup is complete to print withEpson print and the connected device when opting for Epson Printer Wifi Setup for Mac & Iphone.

How to set up an Epson printer with apple and iPhone devices?

When connecting Epson printer wifi set up with Mac and iOS device, make sure that the printer is correctly installed and meets up the printing needs. Moreover, it should be compatible with the device to connect it over the wifi connection. It would allow easy wireless print service by connecting connection. Here, it is important to use the Epson iPrint application to work the best with iPhone, iPod, and other devices. For online file transfer and ease of printing, this app is perfect to use. However, try to use this app in its latest version to make it smooth to work with it.


What do you understand by wifi printing?

The wifi printing is mainly allowing easy connection between Mac device and Epson printer. Without using wired devices and messing up office space, the wireless connection is easy to set up, allowing virtual printing from the office or home. But it requires correct connectivity between the devices, and it should be done over stable network connections.

What are the steps to setup an Epson printer for Mac?

The printer should be set up with a Mac device over network connections, and the steps are listed as below:

  1. First, download the Epson printer set up connection utility and install it on the device
  2. Now, agree to the licensing agreement of the software by continuing and agreeing with it
  3. After this, click on install and then click on the close option
  4. Now, select the correct product option from the list and click on the next option
  5. If the window is not coming up, use the finder window to get the required Epson software and double click to install it on the device
  6. Now, it is time for printer registration and clicks on the next option. ‘
  7. As the printer register message pops up, you have to click on the ‘OK’ option
  8. Now, go down and agree with the terms and condition before clicking on the next option
  9. Now, you can create a new profile and finish the process or register for new software, login with existing login and fill up printer details and click on the ‘add’ option
  10. Now click on the close option
  11. After this, you can activate the print to start with the cloud service and establish a smooth connection across Mac 

This solves your queries and answers when wondering about the process of Epson Printer Wifi Setup for Mac & Iphone.

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