Canon U.S.A. Inc. has rolled out its finishing solution for the Colorado Series: FLXfinish, ensuring the unique feature of printing a gloss and mixed matte finish in a single print with a single-click. The ability to integrate both these finishes in a single print will help print service providers or PSPs enhance diverse applications including retail advertising, POS branding, highlights for decals and labels and effects for interior décor and lifestyle segments.

Canon Releases Finishing Solution

Canon uses patented UV-Gel functions which create this innovative effect without any additional consumables or varnish channel. The entire procedure involves a single step and is completely automated without extra running costs. FLXfinish is a standard offering for Colorado 1650s and is optional for the 1630s. It can be availed as an update for all 1650s and 1630s which have been installed already. The latest Arizona 6100 Mark II has also been unveiled as a flatbed high-volume printing solution, the fastest in the Arizona rang. It gets a print speed going up to 220m²/hr and churning out 20,000m² in volumes alongside.

The series has two models, namely the 6100 XTS Mark II which is ideal for print service providers using varied substrates. It has the ability to print on any rigid media type. The XTS version means independent control over vacuum zones and seamless handling of multiple boards for customers. The 6100 XTHF Mark II is backed by High-FLOW tech, tailored for large-format graphics providers and factories who offer either packaging or printing solutions for tougher substrates like cardboard (porous corrugated), plywood, etc. The 6100 Mark II Series adds to the value proposition of the Arizona printing series. It offers more efficiency, automation and ready integration with third-party frameworks.

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