Canon MX432 printer :

From time to time, certain errors may come up in the Canon MX432 printer but they can be resolved just as easily. Some of the most common occurrences are as follows:


Scenario 1:

When the tape or the protective material of the printer remains attached.

In case the protective material or the tape is still attached inside the machine, it cannot be used. One has to open the paper output cover and then one has to confirm that the tape is not attached to the FINE cartridge holder. In case it is, remove the tape and close the output cover.

Just in case the FINE cartridge has been removed, it should be replaced immediately. The machine should never be left with the FINE cartridge removed. In case it has to be replaced, always use a new cartridge as an old one may clog the nozzles.

Scenario 2:

Another thing to remember is that the power button cannot be tuned off while the machine is still in the process of sending or receiving fax. Even if the unsent fax is stored in the memory, the machine will not be able to switch off. Make sure that the sending action is complete before switching off the machine and disconnecting any power cords. Or else, all the faxes stored would be deleted.

It is important to note that just in case one needs to turn off the machine in the process of printing to remove a jammed paper or anything, then one can simply press the STOP button to cancel print jobs before switching off the machines completely.

Scenario 3

At other times, paper remains jammed in the Paper Output Slot. In case one can see the jammed paper, then simply remove the paper slowly, pulling it outwards gently so as not to tear it. Never pull it out from the front tray even if you can see it, because doing so forcibly might damage the machine. If the paper cannot be pulled out, then turn off the machine and turn it back on. The paper is often ejected automatically. If it still does not come out, take it out from the transport unit.

While reloading the paper, it is important to check that the right quality of paper has been used or the paper tends to get crinkled and folds up, getting stuck inside the machine. It is often advisable to use A5 paper for printing high graphics photos or the paper tends to roll up. Using good quality photo paper whenever possible is also recommended.

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