What are the right way to fix the HP printer error code 49? There are several methods in particular that you can choose to deploy in this regard. If you were thinking what are the right way to fix the HP printer error code 49, you should know that this error is usually spurred by a failure in communication between your PC and the printer in question. This could also be due to any file error as per experts. Yet, there are some other reasons which include invalid commands for printing, corrupt or invalid functioning/information and even electrical fluctuations/noises may lead to data corruption during communication with the printer in some situations. There are some instances where connections and parallel cables are both of supremely bad quality.

What are the right way to fix the HP printer error code 49-

  1. Calibration of the Printer-

    • Cancel Job has to be pressed for getting the print task cleared out from the device memory.
    • Turn off the device and then power on again.
    • Attempt to print from another software program/application. If printing happens, return to the previous application/program and attempt to get another file printed.
    • If the problem is with any specific program/software, you will have to get that resolved with the vendor in question for the same.
    • If the message keeps cropping up, you should unplug all the cables linking the device to the PC or the network. Turn off the device and remove the DIMMS (memory/third-party). The EIO devices should also be removed likewise.
    • Turn on your device and if the error does not crop up again, get the devices installed one after the other. Keep turning on and off with every installation.
    • The EIO/DIMM device could require replacement. The firmware DIMM may also need replacement or even the formatter.
    • You should thereafter get the printer calibrated.
  1. Registry Cleaning-

    • You should first take all necessary steps for securing your PC and its functioning.
    • The registry is the vast database within the system of Windows that stores al the key options and settings required by your PC.
    • This component is a vital facility for storing all key system components which include some Windows features, latest emails and also the wallpaper on the desktop.
    • The registry often leads to several issues on the PC since it is always being corrupted or damaged.
    • This leads to errors with codes such as 49 being displayed by Windows.
    • The registry cleaner should be suitably downloaded by you for this purpose for cleaning up all system issues/errors.
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