How to Fix My Hp Printer carriage jam issue is another common problem faced by many people. You should always understand the core reasons behind the same prior to taking action.

Before learning more about how to Fix My Hp Printer carriage jam issue, you should know that the message Carriage Jam or even Carriage Blocked is shown on the control panel for the product in question. The vital component here is the carriage assembly which is what holds the stalls, ink cartridges and other crucial parts. The paper jam may have taken place earlier. Some of the common and visible symptoms may include no printing for the product and also sudden stoppage of printing altogether.


How to Fix My Hp Printer carriage jam Issue

You should follow the below-mentioned steps to resolve the Hp Printer carriage jam Issue:

  • Turning the printer off and then powering it on once again. The On button has to be pressed firmly for turning off your printer. Press it again for switching on the printer. This may resolve the message initially.
  • Paper Jams- You should turn off your printer, plug out all cables and cords and then turn it around for viewing the back portion. Get the rear access door opened and find the tab on the door’s left portion for pressing rightwards. The door will now shift in a rightward direction likewise. Pull out the same a little for release and once released, the door has to be softly removed by sliding it leftwards and outwards.
  • Rear Access Door- You should access the opening for the rear access and then gently pull out jammed paper which may have got stuck in the rollers. The door has to be replaced thereafter by insertion of the twin posts on the right side into right side holes for the opening. Make sure you press the left tab on the door-side rightwards and the door will shift accordingly. Once the door goes to the right, make sure that you push the door’s left side for getting it locked into place. The power cord has to be reconnected prior to switching on the printer.
  • Print carriage movement- You should open the access door for the print cartridge and if required, enable its movement towards the access zone. Get the power cord unplugged and look via the access door for the cartridge or the output tray for paper. Make sure that cartridges are firmly positioned into the printer carriage without any loosening. Ensure free movement of the carriage and get any obstructions cleared.
  • Cartridge removal- The cartridge may be wrongly positioned or installed. Open the cartridge access door for the printer and be patient till the carriage goes silent and idles. Softly press on the end of every cartridge for releasing the same and the tri-colored cartridge will be found to the left. The photo/black print cartridge will be to your right. Get both cartridges out and put them on clean paper sheets. Get the power cord disconnected, shift the cartridge to the left, close the access door for the print cartridge and plug in the power cord once again.

Reinstallation of print cartridges-

Another step you can try is installation of suitable cartridges. Hold the cartridge to keep the nozzles downwards while the contacts should be facing the printer. Put the cartridge before the proper slot and remember that tri-colored ones will have a triangle mark while venturing into the leftward slot for the carriage.

The cartridges in black usually come with pentagon or square markings and are usually positioned into the rightward slot for the printer carriage. Get the cartridge positioned firmly into the right slot till it fits into the proper position. Then you should close the access door for the cartridge and align the same likewise. Make sure that OK is pressed for every control panel prompt for commencing the alignment process for the print cartridge.

This process may require a little time and you should be patient as well. Post printing of the page, the alignment procedure will be completed likewise. The printing task should be attempted once again for solving the problem.

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