HP products are in demand worldwide, for quality and consistency in technological improvement of the products. HP Laserjet printers use cloud-based technology and can add up to 25 users with secure printing solutions. With several improved specifications, HP Laserjet Pro P1566, its users do face certain problems, occasionally. In this article, we will know about how to repair HP Laserjet Pro P1566 Printer problems.

The basic problems that arise with the printer

Before trying to repair HP Laserjet Pro P1566 Printer problems, one must know the reasons behind the problem. Here are some of the problems related to the printer, their cause, and repair mechanism.

  1. The printer does not turn on.
    • It may occur if there is no power supply to the printer. For this, one must check whether the power switch is turned on, the power cables are correctly plugged, and the power outlet is having the correct voltage.
    • Another reason is defective formatter. You need to simply replace the formatter.
    • The third reason is defective engine controller PCA. To solve the problem you need to replace it.
  2. The printer is turned on but the motor is not working.
    • This may occur if the print-cartridge door is open. Close the door.
    • If the motor cable is not properly connected, then reconnect it.
    • If a paper gets jammed in the paper path, clear them and check whether all sensors are working properly.
    • The motor may not be mounted correctly and is restricting a free rotation. Verify and mount it properly.
    • The engine controller or the motor may be defective. Replace the defective one.
  3. The control panel buttons are not responding even when the printer is turned on and the motor is working properly.
    • The problem may be in the formatter. Replace the defective ones.
  4. Even when the printer is turned on, the control panel lights may indicate that the printer is not in the “ready” state.
    • There must be an internal error and you need to read from the list of control panel light patterns to identify and resolve them.
  5. If all the previous problems are resolved but the printer does not print, follow the instructions
    • There may be a defective component. Try to print an engine test page. If it does not print, then check whether all the cable connections on the engine controller PCA, if the error persists, replace the engine controller.
    • The formatter may be defective. Try printing the Demo Page that is available after clicking on the Services tab and going to the Print Information Pages drop-down. If an error occurs, replace the formatter.
  6. If the engine test page or the configuration page gets printed, but the printer does not print from the computer.
    • Reconnect the cable or try using a new USB cable.
    • The driver selection may be incorrect. Select the correct one. In some cases, the printer driver is incorrectly installed. Remove and reinstall the software using the correct methodology and port settings.
    • There may be some other devices, switches, or hubs, are connected to the printer.
    • Another reason can be a problem with computer-port communications. Reset the settings.
    • If all the above problems are resolved but the error exists then replace the formatter.

After completing all the guidelines mentioned, if the question about how to repair HP Laserjet Pro P1566 Printer Problems exists, then there is a possibility of some internal errors and it is better to consult an expert.

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