How to solve printer keeps saying out of paper problem is one of the commonest issues that people face. If you are also affected by this problem, you may consider taking a few concrete steps towards resolution of the same. In many cases users observe errors which clearly that there is no paper in the printer or something similar. However, even when there is ample paper present in the device tray, this signifies an error or malfunction of sorts.

Here are the steps that you can take for the how to solve printer keeps saying out of paper problem:

  • Check the condition of paper loaded into the tray and then reload the same.In case it is bent/damp/torn, replace with absolutely fresh options. Papers should be of the same type and length along with being fully aligned in terms of the edges. The papers should not have an excessive number in terms of sheets as well.
  • A printer panel at the back may not be suitably positioned. You have to turn the device carefully and check whether the back panel is open or not. In case this panel is not properly closed, paper jamming could be an issue. If the issue is observed by you, completely remove the panel at the back and get the paper cleared. Then put the panel back onto your device.
  • You may also consider resetting the printer by taking off the power cable without turning the power off. Wait for a period of 30 seconds before putting back the cable into the device. If the printer does not power on automatically, press down on the button for manually turning it on.
  • If there is dirt accumulated in the printer rollers, paper feed errors may also be observed. Hence, get the printer turned off and take off the power cable.Use water and lint-free cloth for cleaning up the rollers. Post cleaning, dry the same prior to positioning it again. Put back the cable and turn the printer on again.
  • The spooler option ensures management of printing tasks for Windows. In case the spooler is not functioning suitably, you will have to check troubleshooting options for the device. Use Windows + R for the Run dialog where you can put in services.msc and then Enter. For Services, you will find the Print Spooler option and check whether the Started Status is there. If this shows Stopped, use right click for Print Spooler for opening up the Properties. Change the Service Status by clicking Start which is under the General tab.
  • You should then choose Apply and OK for making the changes.
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