If you are planning to setup Dell v525w printer then you can read this piece of article. In this article we will go through steps that will help in setup of the printer on the wireless network. Find out below how to setup Dell v525w printer.

Step 1- Disable Antivirus- You can disable the anti-virus/firewall program within your computer. It can be enabled once the printer has been Setup Dell V525w Printer.

Step 2- Use USB- For installing the print drivers in your computer you can use the USB cable.

Step 3- Configure the printer- For configuring the printer on wireless you can use the “Printer’s wireless setup utility”. For this purpose you can do the following-

  1. Click on Windows start button
  2. Select the option of ‘Programs’
  3. Select ‘Dell Printers’
  4. Chose ‘Dell Printers Home’
  5. Click the tab of settings
  6. Click the option of ‘Wireless setup utility’
  7. Once when all the steps have been undertaken then the user account control window might appear. As it appears you need to select the continue button. Before proceeding you should know the wireless network name and security key.
  8. Click on continue( This option would appear on the add a printer…screen)
  9. Once done the printer searches for nearly located wireless networks.

Step 4- When ‘Wireless Network’ names displays in the list- If the wireless network name appears in the list then you can follow the steps written below-

  1. Enter network security key and select the option of continue.
  2. Review for making sure that the settings are okay and select continue.
  3. ‘Allow Dell Software’ window appears. The instructions are to be properly read and notes are to be taken if any important information is displayed.
  4. Remove the ‘USB Cable’ from computer and printer when instructed
  5. Select the option of Finish.

Step 5- When ‘Wireless Network’ name does not display- If the wireless network name does not display in the list then the below steps are to be followed-

  1. Select ‘Unlisted network’
  2. Enter the network name in text box and select continue
  3. Click the network security type and click continue
  4. Enter network security key and select continue
  5. Review for making sure that the settings are correct. Once done select the option of continue
  6. As the ‘Allow Dell software’ window appears instructions must be read and important notes to be taken.
  7. Remove USB cable upon instruction
  8. Select Finish option.

If the above steps are performed then the printer connects to wireless network. Amongst 4th and 5th step the one appropriate for you must be chosen.

So perform these steps properly and let your Dell printer connect with wireless network with ease.

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