The present-day computer users enjoy printing mostly from wireless printers. It’s convenient as it gives the opportunity to carry on with the printing without letting the user having to move. If you’re in the middle of a serious job, you will be thankful for using a wireless printer. Moreover, wireless printers are space-saving. Users can avoid working in cluttered desks by using wireless printers as they have no wires.

Learn the steps about How to Make my Canon printer wireless

If your question is “how to make my Canon printer wireless? then we have some solutions for you. You can make your existing canon printer into a wireless device by following these guidelines. You can enjoy a hassle-free printing whether from your PC, laptop & smartphone.

Here are some steps to make your Canon printer wireless

Step 1: Connect your printer with a Print Server

To transform your existing wired printer into a wireless device, you have to connect its USB port with a printer server. It’s a small box which will be connected to the printer to make it wireless. You can start printing from your laptop from your workplace or home.

Plenty of print servers are available in the markets under $50 range. But before you buy the print server, ensure that the device is compatible with the printer you use. Otherwise, the whole initiative will go in vain.

While setting up the two devices, you have to connect the print server with the printer and attach it to the router with an Ethernet cable. Download the software in your PC and while setting up the router configure the new connection.

Step 2: Use one printer to print from several PCs

It’s possible to share a printer with multiple computers whether in your home or workplace. Wireless printers are much in demand these days for this reason as well. Avail the most cost-effective ways to print from multiple computers by using a single printer by connecting the printer to a host computer.

Go to the control panel and then allow the printer to shared on the network.

Though this is a smart way to connect one printer with many computers you have to make sure that the network of the host computer is strong enough to support the facility. Otherwise, the sparse network of the host computers will restrain other computers from using the printer.

Step 3: Use a Bluetooth Adapter

The coolest way to turn your wired printer into wireless is by using the Bluetooth technology. Make sure you have purchased a compatible set of Bluetooth adapter that includes a dongle for your computer/laptop and another for the printer for using it as a wireless printer. It’ll not cost more than $40.

Configure a connection in between your computer and the printer by enabling the Bluetooth and start sharing documents, photos, etc. to print easily.

Also, connect the printer to a smartphone/simple phone with Bluetooth to print files. All new laptops have Bluetooth which is a plus for using the printers with a Bluetooth feature as well.

So, like this, you can turn your Canon printer wireless.

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