So far Error 49 has been a dread to many HP printer users. It’s a standard error that often attacks the LaserJet line printers. After much research and understanding by pro technicians, they have concluded that it’s an issue mainly caused due to three reasons- software problem, formatter or a firmware defect, communication issue. Along with the Code 49 error, secondary errors namely the 49.4C02, the 49.4CF2, etc are linked with. Have you been using an HP LaserJet printer and faced similar errors showcasing on the printer head? Then know how to fix hp printer code 49 error in this article where we have interviewed several pro printer technicians before sharing the guidelines to fix the 49 error.

Here, some steps are mentioned to resolve the Code 49 error of your HP LaserJet printer—

Step 1: Press the “Cancel Job” to clear the memory

  • Per suggested by the printer technicians from HP, we strongly recommend you to hit the “Cancel Job” button on the printer. This will help the printer to clean off the memory of printing it has.
  • Now turn OFF the power of your printer, wait for some time and then again turn it ON to check whether the printer display is still showing the Code 49 error or not. If this process didn’t work, move to Step 2.

Step 2: Test a printing from a different software

  • In this stage, you’re suggested to test print from a different software application. If you find that the printing is done perfectly, the go to the prior application and try to print a different file. This will help you to check whether the printer is doing its job perfectly without showing the same error.

Step 3: Opt for the Power-Cycle process

  • Known to be the most common suggestion yet the most effective one- the power cycle process can be excellent to resolve any errors whether it’s 49 or something else.
  • Disconnect all the cords and connections attached to the printer. This step is a must if the error code persists with different software applications and printing.

Step 4: Remove the DIMMs from the printer

  • Turn OFF the printer and remove all the DIMMs as well as the third-party DIMMs from the printer for removing all printing memories.
  • Keep the firmware DIMM and don’t remove it.
  • Now remove all the EIO devices before turning ON the printer.
  • If you find the Code 49 error is resolved, it’s strongly advised to install each DIMM along with the EIO device separately while keeping the power OFF.
  • Now, switch on the power of the printer to start printing once again.
  • If you notice that the DIMM or the EIO device is the reason behind the error, then replace it.
  • Even after doing that, if the issue refuses to go away, then according to the HP technicians, replace the firmware DIMM followed by replacing the formatter of the LaserJet printer.

Likewise, you can fix the Code 49 error in your HP printer.

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