Instead of performing a futile search to find the exact solution to the error in the printer, it is best to first try a series of routine steps to solve problems. If these steps do not help you to find how to Fix Hp Printer not Printing error, it is possible to find the solution on the HP website.

Like almost everything in this life Hp Printer not Printing problems usually have a solution, so we will see below the most common reasons why these printing errors can happen and how to solve HP Printer is Offline, it not Printing Error them.

How To Fix Hp Printer not Printing Error

When the printer prints poorly

A large number of occasions the printer prints, but not with the quality that we want. Or directly the quality is non-existent of both blotch and blank lines. The main culprits in these cases are usually the ink and the heads, although for various reasons. Let’s discover them.

Lack of ink

Something quite obvious, but if the printer prints poorly it may be because it lacks ink to do it correctly. Although years ago it was the main problem every time our printer printed badly, now it hardly happens. This is because today when the printer software detects that little ink remains – or rather when a certain number of prints passes through a lot of ink that remains – directly refuses to make the print, showing us a nice error in the printer or on the screen.

For this reason, it is unlikely that if you have problems when printing correctly it may be due to having little or much ink: long before you run out of it your printer will already be asking you to change cartridges

With laser printers, this does not happen, and most of the cases in which the printer does not print correctly will be due to a lack of charge in the toner. In these cases, it will be enough to change it for a new one.

Jam in the heads

This problem should be first in the list, since most of the time that empty areas appear in our prints, it will be due to a jam in the print heads, often caused by the accumulation of dry ink in them because they take a long time not used

Some printer models periodically perform head cleaning to keep them in perfect condition even if the printer is not being used. For the rest, if this happens, you will have no choice but to make the cleaning of the heads on your own. All printers have a utility to perform this cleaning from their own printing software. Remember: this way of cleaning heads consumes huge amounts of ink and if you do it a few times in a row you may run out of ink in the cartridges.

If even with these cleaning your printer comes back to the life you may have to do a more aggressive cleaning by hand. As an active voice, the sentence would be: “You can use liquids to clean the heads as a last option.

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