Printers of HP are usually in heavy requirement as they are good in quality. However, sometimes you encounter an error that proves to be troublesome. Just like the 50.2 Fuser error, the 50.1 fuser error also occurs in HP printers. This error occurs because the thermistors within the fuser send a signal to the DC controller that the temperature within the fuser is too low thereby not allowing the toner to bond with the paper. Below are the methods that can help you fix the error

Method 1- Resetting the Printer-

To reset the printer, you should follow the below-mentioned steps-

  1. a) Press Power Button for switching off your printer
  2. b) Remove the Power cord from the rear
  3. c) Wait for 30 seconds
  4. d) Reconnect Power cord
  5. e) Press the Power button for turning on your printer.
  6. f) Wait for the printer to start
  7. g) Start with the printing activity again.

If the above step can resolve the issue, then you should stop, or you can turn to the next solution.

Method 2- Resetting Printer first and later waiting for 25 minutes-

This method aims to is to cool the fuser as the temperature of the fuser turns too hot. Steps involved are-

  1. a) Turning off the printer by pressing the power button.
  2. b) Removing the power cord from the rear
  3. c) Waiting for 25 minutes soon after disconnection of power cord
  4. d) Reconnecting power cord
  5. e) Switching on the printer and continue printing.

If the issue is not resolved next method can be practised.

Method 3- Plugging the printer into the wall socket-

The steps involved are-

  1. a) Turn off printer using the power button
  2. b) Disconnect power cord from printer rear
  3. c) If a surge protector is not employed then power cord is unplugged from it and is instead directly plugged into the wall socket.
  4. d) Reconnect power cord
  5. e) Turn on the printer by clicking on the power button.

Once the printer restarts, printing activity must be done. If it works, then it is okay else next method must be practiced.

Method 4: Service/replace your printer-

If even after you have executed all the methods, you are unable to print with the printer, then you should either service the same or get it replaced. You can service the printer by taking it to the nearest HP centre.

Practice all these methods to know How to fix HP Printer Fuser Error 50.1, and you will surely be able to print a good picture. If all the methods fail, turn to method 4.

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