Generally, different printers show/display different errors, depending upon their type, their way of functioning and the type of the devices they are connected to. The main step in resolving a problem or display of error is identifying the problem.

For example, you may have an error of ink system failure, but the process you are following is to resolve the error for a battery operated power failure. This would not help you in any possible way, and you will just waste your precious time. So in order to save your time that this article will come in handy.

ISSUE DESCRIPTION : The B0601 error generally shows up when print cannot boot up into the ready state with an error message shown on the printer control panel which is the B0601 error. Now we have identified that this type of error is a booting up error related to the operating system of the printer.

ROOT CAUSE : The next step is to find the root cause for the error. This type of HP printer Error B0601 is generated when the firmware of the printer crashes. Inappropriate behavior may cause the firmware to crash and even turning off the printer when the critical firmware update is undergoing can prove very delicate in these matters.

The next million dollar question is “How to fix HP printer error B0601”

Here are a few ways on how to fix the error:

  1. UPDATE FIRMWARE UTILITY: You need to update your firmware utility in order to resolve the error. This utility update can be obtained at, and generally, further there are two cases when you encounter such an issue, and both are discussed as follows: -> A printer software driver for the P2050 series is previously installed on the PC.-> P2050 series printer software driver has NOT been installed installed on the PC, such as Dead on Arrival unit.
  2. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE CASE 01: the P2050 driver is previously installed on PC:
    Place printer in boot code mode.

    1. Hold down the Cancel and OK buttons.
    2. Power on the printer.
    3. Continue to hold down buttons until the control panel displays Hewlett- Packard on the first line and Boot code on the second line.
    4. Ensure printer is connected via USB to the PC. Run HP LJ P2055 Firmware Update Utility.
    5. From the drop-down list, select the HP LaserJet P2050 series printer and click on the Send Firmware

Then the firmware is now successfully recovered.

After going through this process from step to step, you will find that once the firmware is successfully recovered, the error displayed on the control panel of the printer is now resolved.

But if still, the problem persists, delete all the instances and files present of the P2055 printer in the Printers and Faxes and run the normal CD again to install the HP LaserJet drivers properly from the installation CD.

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