HP Printer Error 59.F0

HP has established itself as a leading brand in the printer market, gaining popularity for its diverse range of printers, including Laserjet, Deskjet, Designjet, PageWide Pro, and Officejet models. These printers are renowned for their high-quality printing capabilities. However, like any complex device, HP printers are not immune to encountering occasional error codes. Among the common issues faced by users, the HP printer error 59.F0 stands out.

The HP printer error 59.F0 is an error code that may appear during printer operation. Dealing with this error requires some troubleshooting steps to identify and resolve the underlying issue. By following the proper troubleshooting process, users can efficiently resolve the error and resume normal printing operations.

What is HP Printer Error 59.F0 ?

This error happens when there is a problem in the internal motor of the printer. The main reason behind this error is the failure in transfer alienation. Transfer alienation failure means a situation where the ITB is stuck and cannot rotate. Another possible reason behind printer error 59.F0 is the issue with the SR9 sensor. This sensor plays a primary role in the transfer-roller-disengagement sensor which is otherwise known as Sensor K.

Before you do any serious fixing, try the simplest technique to solve the problem. If you are lucky enough, it should get solved; otherwise, you will have to opt for more complicated procedures.

What are the Causes of the HP Printer Error 59.F0?

The HP printer error 59.F0 can be caused by various factors. Here are four examples of potential causes for this error:

  1. Stuck Transfer Belt (1TB): One of the common reasons for the error 59.F0 is a stuck Transfer Belt (1TB). The Transfer Belt is a critical component responsible for transferring toner onto the paper. If it gets stuck and cannot rotate freely, the printer may display this error.
  2. Malfunctioning SR9 Sensor: The SR9 sensor is responsible for detecting the movement of the Transfer Belt. If this sensor malfunctions or fails to detect the proper movement, it can lead to the error 59.F0.
  3. Internal Motor Issues: The error 59.F0 may also be caused by problems with the internal motor of the printer. If the motor that drives the movement of the Transfer Belt encounters issues or fails to function correctly, the error can occur.
  4. Transfer Alienation Failure: This occurs when the 1TB (Transfer Belt) is unable to complete its rotation. It may happen due to mechanical issues or foreign objects obstructing its movement, leading to the error code 59.F0.

It’s important to note that these examples are not an exhaustive list of all possible causes, and the specific cause for the error may vary depending on the printer model and its features. When encountering the HP printer error 59.F0, users should follow the manufacturer’s troubleshooting guidelines or seek assistance from support channels or authorized service providers for accurate diagnosis and resolution.

How to Fix the Error Code 59.F0 on Your HP Printer?

To resolve the HP printer error code 59.F0, several effective methods can be employed. These include resetting the HP printer and toner, as well as configuring the 1TB (Transfer Belt). Additionally, it’s crucial to ensure the sensor is functioning correctly. By following these simple steps, users can effectively remove the error from their printing device and restore normal printing operations.

Method 1: Reset the printer:

  • Reset the printer settings.
  • Remove the Surge Protector

If the problems remain unresolved, then move on to the next method.

Method 2: Reset the ITB:

  • Reset the ITB
  • Now, check the internal connections of ITB such as the connection between ITB and a transfer-roller-disengagement sensor located at connector J19 and the connection between ITB and DC controller PCA also known as connector J128.

Method 3: Test the ITB:

  • If the error still persists, then you should remove the ITB completely and then test the ITB gear and the flag manually. How to do this?
  • Rotate the gear and check for any fluctuation in the flag when you turn the white gear.
  • If the flag is found to be damaged, then it is high time to replace the ITB.
  • But what if the flag and ITB gear is working perfectly? Check for the Sensor SR9. For this, you will have to follow the following steps to do the Manual Sensor test.
  • Remove the ITB gear, locate the Sensor SR9 located inside the ITB cavity and browse the control panel.
  • Press the ‘Home’ button and press the down arrow to highlight the diagnostics menu.
  • Click on the okay button and select the Manual Sensor Test and click OK.
  • Check inside the ITB cavity and release the SR9 flag and check the display for the sensor response when you press the flag. The sensor should toggle between 0 and 1. If the toggle does not happen, then you need to get the sensor replaced.

Method 4: Contact HP Technical Help

If all the previous methods fail, then only this option is left for you. Contact the customer care service. HP has an excellent team of highly qualified professionals who can diagnose the problem quickly and make the necessary corrections. They are always ready to face any technical query you have and provide relevant solutions. There are multiple phone lines which you can use to contact them, or you can also email them if you want to attach pictures or videos of the problem so that the matter is very clear to them.


Now, you have already thoroughly read this article and learned about the various causes of error 59.F0. We have already mentioned the reasons and some methods to fix the problem that occurs in HP printers.

We hope that you liked this article and will help you in every possible way if this problem arises or if you have any further inquiries or require reliable and immediate support, don’t hesitate to call +1-929-227-3478 to our dedicated support team for expert assistance.

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