Many times what happens is we try to print a document on our HP printers but are unable to do it due to errors that we are unaware of and the screen displays “printer in error state”. Even after trying it out a number of times we fail to resolve it.

Fix HP Printer In Error State :


At such a time we get irritated with our printers and are completely agitated at what to do next in order to make it work. It is very easy to set up for those who know How to Fix HP Printer In Error State but if you are unable to do it then you can follow –

The Steps given below on how to Fix HP Printer In Error State:

Step 1 –Check if the printer is able to make photocopies successfully and if yes then you can spot the issue which lies with the software or drivers.

Step 2 – Check if there are any new updates on software.

Step 3 – Check if the printer is working on any other device and is able to print there.

Step 4 – While your printer is ON cut its power cable.

Step 5 – If any other cables are connected to the printer they remove them too.

Step 6 – The printer’s power button needs to be press and hold for 15 seconds.

Step 7 – Note that your printer must be directly connected to the wall outlet and not to any surge protectors.

Step 8 – On reconnecting the power cable the printer should power ON by itself and if not then switch it on manually.

Step 9 – Download and run the HP Print and Scan Doctor software to resolve the issues of the printer drivers

Step 10 – If your printer still doesn’t work then uninstall the driver and reinstall it.

Step 11 – Search and open Programs and Features option in Windows.

Step 12 – Select your HP printer.

Step 13 – Select Uninstall.

Step 14 – Search and open Devices and Printers option in Windows.

Step 15 – Look for your HP printer in Devices and Printers option and if you spot yours then right-click on it and choose the “Delete” or “Remove Device” option.

Step 16 – Press “Windows Key + R” key combo to open up the run command.

Step 17 – Type printui.exe /s and then click OK.

Step 18 – Click on tab labelled Drivers.

Step 19 – Search for HP Printer driver and when you spot it then click on it and then click on Remove below. Click on OK.

Step 20 -. Choose to Apply and OK on the Print Server Properties windows and then Close Devices and Printers.

Follow the above-listed steps to get a hassle-free printing. Also, hoping that this article on How to Fix HP Printer In Error State will help you fix your printer and soon you will be able to run your printer on your device.

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