Every time you print a page, there is waste ink which needs to be cleaned. Canon printers have a mechanism that enables the printer to absorb excess ink used in the cleaning and printing operations. You can print pages in your printer until the waste ink absorber becomes full. After that, you will start getting an error that the waste ink absorber is full. You will get a Canon printer error 5b00. The error could be because there are ink spills on your printer or because the ink absorber is full or because the waste ink counter has become full. To solve your problem of how to fix canon printer error 5b00, you will need to continue reading this tutorial.

Due to the modern continuous ink systems that have been installed in the latest printers, the error 5b00 is very common. To fix this problem, try the following steps.

Step 1: Unplug the device. To start fixing the problem, start with removing the printer from your system as well as the main power source.

Step 2: Press down and continue to hold the power button of the printer and plug the power cord into the wall socket.


Step 3: Hold the power button until the printer starts resetting itself. Once all the lights are on, and the printer has stopped making sounds, release the power button.

Step 4: Wait for the green power light in the printer to turn off. Once that happens, press and release the power button quickly twice. The green light then should blink for 2-3 seconds and then stabilise. You might see “Stable” written on the printer.

Now, you have successfully reset the waste ink counter. This should fix the problem most of the time because you still have the capacity to print even if the waste ink counter shows it is full. If the problem still refuses to go, you will need to clean the waste ink foam manually. To do that, you must follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Open the lid of the printer to reveal the cartridges inside. Behind the cartridge is a row of white rollers.

Step 2: Clean the foam pad. You will find a small square near the roller that looks like a foam pad. Take a soft piece of paper towel and press on the foam so that it releases the ink. Keep cleaning this foam till all the ink is cleared.

Step 3: Assemble the printer. Put all the cartridges back in their place and close the printer lid. Once that is done, you must restart the printer. Simply switch the printer off and then switch it on again.

Doing the above two things should fix Canon printer error 5b00 . If not, you will need to contact customer support +1-929-227-3478 who will guide you through the steps that you need to take. Specify the error that you are facing along with the steps that you have made so that you are adequately assisted.

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