Brother Printer users are well versed with some of the typical errors it shows. The errors are related to the hardware, firmware, software, drive, system errors, networks, virus, and malware attacks and more. The error is sometimes encrypted in a Code while sometimes the printer gives a message on the LCD screen by mentioning the issue. Here, in this article, we’re about to discuss the “Ink Absorber Full error” that is shown on the LCD. It denotes that the Ink Absorber needs an immediate replacement. In doing so, the error will not blink on the screen again.

Have you been using a Brother Printer for quite some time? Then you must agree how with time, the printers manufactured by Brother Printer are coming up with useful features. Recently, the wireless function in their printers is highly appreciated. While using the printer, have you ever seen a message showing “Ink Absorber Full Error”? Over the time, it has been one of the common FAQs ‘How to Fix Brother Printer Error Ink Absorber Full?’ Before calling a technician for a thorough service, you can follow a few steps to resolve the issue then and there. Calling a technician can be expensive and time-consuming. But if you try this smart ‘DIY’ or To Do’ steps, you can solve the ‘Ink Absorber Full Error’ sooner.

What is an Ink Absorber Error?

Also known as the Flushing box, it helps with holding the ink collected after the purging of the printer head. It catches all the ink whenever the machine flushes or cleans. Usually, the longevity of the ink absorber is similar to that of the printer’s life. But sometimes over usage and flushes by the machine made, the absorber gets overloaded with bloats of inks. During this situation, the printer will understand the emergency requirement and will keep showing the message on the LCD screen. Users have to replace the ink absorber with a new ink absorber immediately.

Here are some steps to solve the error 

  • During the first set up, the printer will initiate a purge, and the process will fill up the ink tubes while installing the ink cartridges.
  • Before the next printing, the printer will clean the paper jam. During this phase, the device will auto clean the printer head. This process is done to clean off the dust from the paper to protect the printer. The dust particles can cause severe damage to the print head.
  • By Plugging OFF the printer, if you replace the cartridges, it will automatically start cleaning the print head when plugged ON.
  • Replace the ink absorber with genuine Brother Printer products. It ensures the longevity of the printer as well as reduces the interruption often caused by non-branded or parts of other brands.
  • Run the reset after installing the new ink absorber to avoid the flooding of the ink. If you reset the system before re-installing the part, you’ll find drops of inks dipping from the lower side of the printer.

Like this, you can replace the ink absorber and get rid of the error.

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