If you don’t know how to fix brother printer error e1 on your computer, then don’t worry, we are here to guide you. Here are simple steps to troubleshoot brother printer error e1 listed in this article. This complete guide will help you in fixing the brother error e1 in less time and with fewer efforts.

While using the brother printer, some errors occur. The Brother Error E1 is one such error. Brother Printer Error E1 is a typical Program Error of your Brother Printer. The occurring of “Machine Error E1” or “Print Unable E1” is due to many reasons. One of the main reasons is insufficient space in the memory device. To fix this error code E1, you have to upgrade the firmware of your device. Resolving the Error E1 is a long and strenuous process. So, you have to strictly follow the stepwise procedure in the given sequence to rectify this Error E1.

Procedure to fix Brother Printer Error E1

  1. Upgrade the System’s Firmware

    • Turn off the computer and after 30 seconds turn ON the system.
    • Now update the system’s firmware to the latest version.
    • The firmware update process will take up to 15 minutes. Till then do not restart or turn off your computer.
    • Once you find that the firmware has been updated, proceed with using the Brother machine again on your network.

Note: The firmware cannot be upgraded if you are printing using printer sharing and the Brother machine is connected to a different computer. You have to update the firmware only using a Brother driver and ensure that it is not set to a web services device port (WSD), for network machines.  The firmware update tool will give an error stating that the machine cannot be found.

Go to step 2, if the error is not fixed with step 1.

  1. Reset and Delete the Print Jobs

    • Firstly, disconnect all the USB cables between computer and printer. Also, disconnect the power connection and turn off the printer.
    • Now, wait for 5 minutes and plug back all the power cables to the wall outlet.
    • Then, turn on the printer and wait for sometime until the printer comes to its normal ready state.
    • Now, reconnect all the USB cables and print a simple but different print job.
    • If it works, then the problem must be with the previous document that you were trying to print.

If the problem is not resolved with the step 2, then go to step 3.

  1. Setup Wireless Printing

    • Sometimes the Brother Error Code E1 may occur due to an improper internet connection. So, switching to wireless printing may help you in resolving this error. Hence, change your network to a wireless network connection.

Go to step 4, in case step 3 doesn’t work.

  1. Connect Brother Printer to your Computer

    • Remove all the USB cables between printer and computer and set up a proper connection and resolve the conflict between them.

Any of the above three steps will definitely work in fixing the Brother Printer Error Code E1 easily and quickly. In this manner, you can easily be rid of the Brother Printer Error E1 error.

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