Have you ever received an error message ‘Check Connection ‘on the LED screen of your Brother Printer while scanning a document? Have you faced such a problem even when the print command is working fine and the printer is receiving commands on your wireless connection?  The error message “Check Connection” usually arrives when you are scanning a document on your Brother Printer Error Check Connection while the printer does not recognize the connection of the USB cable, LAN cable or wireless network.

Quick Tips & Tricks on how to fix Brother Printer Error Check Connection

Below listed are some quick tips and tricks on how to fix Brother Printer Error Check Connection:

  1.  To resolve the issue of ‘Check Connection’ error message, Brother recommends uninstalling and restarting the system and then reinstalling the application.
  2. Try to scan a document using the ‘Scan’ option from the Control Canter software. If the printer responds to your query via Control Canter but not from the ‘Scan’ button on Brother Device, check the firewall settings.
  3. We would suggest you check your firewall settings as there is a possibility that the security application is blocking your scanner’s communication. If it’s turned on, turn it off and try scanning the document again.
  4. You can now try to scan a document by pressing the ‘Scan’ button on the machine. If the device scans the document, it means that the firewall was blocking communication previously. If you are unable to scan, check if the ‘Scan To’ button is registered on the network.
  5. If an error message related to Control Canter is received when scanning, use the Control Canter software. If the Control Canter software is not installed, you can download the scanner driver from www.brother-usa.com.
  6. If your machine is connected using a Wi-Fi connection and is unable to scan a document, then there is a possibility that of two or more computers are connected on the network which might be causing this issue.
  7. Check your PC for two or more active network connections. Sometimes, the computer is connected to more than two wireless connections. Choose one connection and disable the others.
  8. Try power flee by turning off your Brother Printer, computer and the router. Then wait for 30 seconds before you turn all the devices back on. Power Flee is a process by which excess power outage is removed from your device.
  9. Uninstall the scanner driver of your Brother Printer, reboot your computer and reinstall the scanner driver by downloading it from www.brother-usa.com. Once the installation process is completed, try scanning a document by pressing the scan button on your device.
  10. If you have a spare PC at home, then try to scan the document through this computer. If it’s working, please contact the computer manufacturer and get your PC checked.

After following the above tips and tricks, if you are unable to fix the error message ‘Check Connection’ on your Brother Printer, it is advisable to get in touch with your PC manufacturer or Internet Service Provider for additional support.

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